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NexGen Data Solutions. (NexGen Data) is an end-to-end Infrastructure solutions provider for data storage and data management products and services. At NexGen Data we offer a suite of IT solutions to meet your organization's needs. We increase overall organizational effectiveness and deliver greater efficiency in each of these areas. Our "consultants-first" philosophy means that we are much more than resellers and technicians. We align IT strategy with overall business objectives to our customer's needs. We provide clients with customized solutions focused on virtualization, storage, and backup from our highly experienced and certified engineering professionals.

NexGen Data partners with the industry leading vendors and innovators. This means that our clients always have access to the most current, most reliable and most cost-effective IT solutions. We are committed to working with our customers around the clock. We start with the initial discovery and design. Followed by the deployment of innovative technologies that will increase organization, realizing your full IT potential. The net effect is improved efficiencies and minimized costs. Providing the greatest return for your investment.

NexGen Data Solutions goal is to treat each customer like you are a member of our family. Our, integrity, accessibility and commitment are executed on a daily basis. We help each customer achieve their business objectives. We are knowledgeable, professional, and accessible. We strive to be considered the easiest to work with professionals in the industry.

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